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Here are some of the most common questions we get asked when dealing with claims throughout all of Ireland and the UK. We have listed the questions along with the answers from your Premier Property Claims team.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions, we cannot possibly put every question in our FAQ section as there are so many specific questions relating to different type claims.

Our FAQ section expands all the time as we add new frequently asked questions.

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Frequently asked Questions

What is a loss assessor?

We represent claimants professionally.  Loss assessors are specialists in their field who are best placed to help you when you have had damage to your property. You are their client so they work for you, with your interests at heart. Loss assessors work to ensure you receive the full entitlement of your claim and typically without such representation you will never get the full value of your financial loss.
Why should I contact a loss assessor to help me?
Insurance companies are here to make a profit, it’s as simple as that. Insurance companies appoint experts to act on their behalf to verify the value of any damage that maybe visible, and then quantify it, this is done by loss adjusters. They work on behalf of insurers to limit the costs of the claim. We have found time after time significant undervaluation of claims by such adjusting firms, and this means you do not receive the correct or full settlement.
The recent trend in the UK is to appoint validation companies who employ ‘’surveyors’’ to come and assess and settle the claim with you. However, you the unsuspecting public maybe won’t know that some of these ‘’surveyors’’ are taken on by these firms because they know ‘’nothing’’ about insurance and expect you to advise them of the damage. This puts the onus on you to substantiate every aspect, leaving it a long hard struggle to get you a fair outcome.
As loss assessors, we make sure that all costs involved are fully maximised so you are not left out of pocket by poor assessments by your insurance company. Our experience also ensures that any secondary damage is taken account of, which insurers rarely will point out to you, but will cause you further damage later and cost you more money to put right.  
Our services as a loss assessor are not free, but it has been our experience that we greatly reduce the time, hassle, and stress you have to put into the claims management process.
At what stage of my claim should I contact a loss assessor?
Ideally at the commencement of your claim which is precisely the time when your insurers will instruct a loss adjuster to act on their behalf, NOT yours.
What will you charge me?
There is NO charge for our initial no-obligation survey.
However if you retain us, we work on a pre-agreed percentage of the claim on a no-win–no-fee-basis.
Our fee is agreed in advance and you pay us nothing until you receive a settlement cheque from the insurance company,
It is in our own interest to FULLY assess the damage and value of the claim, and ensure you get your full entitlement. We have found that we offset our costs for our service by increasing the value of the settlement that you would have attained if you acted by yourself.
Most policies exclude the cost of compiling a claim, however under many buildings policies they include the cost of professional fees necessarily incurred in the reinstatement of the damage.
How long will my claim take to settle?
This is a very common question and there is no uniform answer unfortunately. Be in no doubt that we want to settle your claim as soon as possible to allow you to move on. Our objective is to achieve settlement within 6 weeks, however depending on your insurance companies demands this may take longer, especially on complex claims.
Will my insurance company object to me using my own assessor?
In our experience, no. It is perfectly reasonable if you choose to employ someone to act on your behalf. Hiring a loss assessor will NEVER prejudice your claim or negatively impact how your insurer treats you. If you are ever told different its untrue.
Your insurer will likely advise you that they will not cover an assessor’s costs – this is standard and ensures that the assessor is completely focused on getting the best outcomes for you, the claimant. Your insurer may also specify that any loss assessor you engage is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Even if your insurer does not suggest it, we believe this is critical requirement for any loss assessor and are proud that Premier Property Claims is fully approved by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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