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Clarke – December 2016

"We were recommended to contact Premier Property Claims, through a friend. It turned out to be a great bit of advice. We had a leak in our bathroom, meaning the bathroom and the kitchen was tore out to undertake repairs. Our Assessor was brilliant and got us the money we needed to get it all fixed. We are Really pleased to have used Premier Property Claims."

McNally- Nov 2016

"After finding that we had a leak in our floor, we contacted Premier Property Claims, after that they handled the claim from start to finish. A great Service"

Kelly – Dec 2016

"Our home was badly damaged after a leak that ruined all the floors, Premier Property Claims came in and helped us claim for the repairs. They even organised the repairs for us, and took an awful lot of pressure of us. We had to move out and we even got our money for this upfront, it was such a relief. We would Recommend their service to my friends."

P Nugent – October 2016

"We suffered from a bad house fire that caused substantial damage to our home. The full House was affected by the fire damage. We were referred by a friend to Brendan at Premier Property Claims, who quickly took the claim on for us.  The claim was made so much easier and with less stress than if we ever decided to do it ourselves, and within a few weeks had the claim agreed, to our satisfaction Premier Property claims is a company I would recommend to anyone."

A Carrol – October 2016

"After a fire broke out from next door, it quickly spread to our home, No one was injured, but all our contents were destroyed. We were referred by a friend to  Premier Property Claims.  They came in and made the insurers deal with the claim quickly and get us what was due to us. We couldn’t have dealt with the stress and hassle of negotiating with our insurance company. It was a first-rate service."

Doherty -Sept 2016

"There was a back flow of raw sewage into my parent’s house, everything was destroyed, causing untold damage and distress to the house and to my parents. Thankfully I was recommended to Premier Property Claims, to help us get the property repaired. They organised everything, from CCTV surveys, estimates, and payment for the repairs directly into my parents account.  I’m delighted to have used their service, a lot of time, stress and hassle has been avoided."

Mr Sutcliffe – March 2016

"Our home was flooded after torrential rain, and blockage of a main drain on the street caused storm water and sewage to flow into our home. It destroyed everything it touched. The Assessor from Premier Property Claims made sure We found alternative accommodation, and with their help we sourced contractors to start the repairs. The Assessor even contacted a restoration company to start the debris cleaning and sanitise our home. We are now back at home and grateful for the help and advice of Premier Property Claims."

Mr O’Neill – June 2016

"Our conservatory sustained subsidence damage, cracking in the walls and ceilings was getting out of hand. We contacted our Insurance company first, but they wouldn’t cover the damage. We then appointed Premier Property Claims who argued on our behalf, and six months later they agreed to the repairs and cover the costs. I don’t know if we ever would have been paid anything without the help from our Assessor at Premier Property Claims."

Mr Johnson – Dec 2016

"I was left shocked at what burglars could do to my home, they stole quite a few items of personal significance. Premier Property claims were swiftly out to see us, and they were very amenable and friendly and made the whole process as easy as possible. Very happy with the service and help received."

Jones – Sept 2016

"After our oil tank split during a stormy night, our home was damaged by the oil. The house was filled with oil smells and made me nauseous. Brendan Our Assessor has already been able to agree the costs of repairs with Insurers and works start soon. Very pleased with the speed and service of my Assessor"

Rashid – Indian Restaurant

"We suffered a fire damage from a neighbour’s business. It caused us to shut but the help from our Assessor quickly helped us to get back trading. The damage was promptly repaired and we opened a week later again. The claim was professionally handled from start to finish by Premier Property Claims. Great Work!"

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