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Flood Damage Claims

Flood Damage Claims

Damage caused by Flooding can be highly destructive. Unfortunately, This has become a very is a common problem experienced at any time of the year, from flash floods, coastal flood or river courses exceeding their limits.

In recent years widespread flooding across the UK and the Republic Of Ireland has caused billions of pounds of property damage. It is expected that Global Warming Issues will continue to cause ever more sudden and heavier rainfall. The coastlines and river banks of the UK evolved over millenia and the flood defences of these water fronts are inadequate to cope with the levels of inundation that has been experienced in recent years. Flooding occurs when water suddenly escapes from these natural confines.

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The effects of water flooding into buildings and saturating contents is one of the most underestimated perils in the insurance industry.

Immediately following a flood a policyholder is strongly advised to seek expert help, assistance, and guidance from an FCA regulated insurance intermediary such as a Loss Assessor in the presentation of the insurance claim. Premier Property Claims deal with flood damage claims involving damage Domestic and Commercial property. As your Claims consultant and claims Handler we can assist with the arrangement of emergency repairs to make the building safe and to ensure that mains services are safely terminated or resumed. Premier Property Claims will prepare a schedule of the  or flood loss, submit the claim to your insurers, and negotiate settlement with insurers or their loss adjusters on your behalf. We will guide you in obtaining appropriate replacement /repair estimates and valuations where necessary.

Flood damage that may initially appear minor can affect the structural integrity or performance of a building. Premier Property Claims have extensive experience of these matters. Where appropriate we engage associated structural engineers to comment on the cause and extent of damage and offer their expert opinion on remedial works required.

Foundations, structural walls, and typically internal fixtures such timber cabinets and other joinery items, electrical wiring , boilers, stud walling, plasterwork ,and tiling may initially appear to have suffered minimal or no permanent damage. However following drying out periods structural cracking, warping, and destabilization of such items is common. Flooding often involves the backing up of sewers and the penetration of effluent into occupied buildings posing an additional health hazard. We have the knowledge of these potential secondary issues to help make sure they do not become a problem for you later. Insurance companies may often attempt to argue that saturated items are salvageable but as experienced Loss Assessors Premier Property Claims often demonstrate that fixtures and contents are contaminated and need to be replaced.

Your insurance company is likely to appoint a Loss Adjuster or claims handler to deal with your claim but this is to protect their own interests. These representatives operate under heavy workloads and your claim may not be given the focus it deserves. Adjusters and Insurance Claims Inspectors do not prepare your claim, they adjust the claim you submit. Other expenses may be recoverable of which you are unaware. If you prematurely agree a claim with insurers it may be too late for them to subsequently reconsider additional items.

Insurance policy wordings are complex and difficult for a policyholder to understand. An insurer or his representative have the advantage and will often attempt to construe the wording in their favour. Acting as your dedicated Loss Assessor Premier Property Claims understand the policy wordings and have the knowledge and experience to redress the balance and ensure that your flood damage claim is given the fullest and fairest consideration by insurers that it deserves.

It is therefore essential that you are suitably (Who are FCA Regulated) represented by your own professional Loss Assessor as soon as possible after Flood damage is discovered to ensure the claim is properly and accurately presented and you receive the maximum benefit under the policy.

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Recent Review
Business Person, Belfast
"Last year our business was flooded, we have a lot of secondary damage that only became apparent a few month later, rot, mould and an awful smell. The clean up was not done correctly and the insurance company was at fault. We re-claimed with the help of Premier Property Claims team, and got it finally repaired back to as it was before the flood."
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